Ms White last night angrily stood by her claim. “I spoke to the deputy principal, I spoke to the school chaplain, I spoke to two people from the ­Department of Education. I even spoke to the front-office lady,” she said. “To suggest that the school was not aware of my concerns is a lie.”

[Read more about the shameless bullying of the women campaigning against redefining marriage here.]

Well I’ve been researching and raising concerns about the UnSafe Schools Coalition propaganda since late 2013, and everything these women say is absolutely true.

Of course those pushing the ‘Yes’ case don’t want others to think about the wider ramifications of the legislative change, including what it will mean for our children’s education – or our freedoms to disagree, our freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience…

Of course they want to keep the lens to a very narrow focus on the tiny percentage of Australian same sex couples who want to marry – and only that.

They don’t want you to think or look outside that box at all.

They don’t want you to investigate the very real damage done by these laws overseas.

They don’t want your mind to go to the other kinds of relationships, throuples and polygamous unions it might usher in – as it has in other places.

They don’t want you to consider the ongoing effects of changing the social structures of our society, nor the possible impacts on state sanctioned motherless or fatherless children.

And they definitely don’t want mothers raising their voices on this issue.

These women are very courageous – now facing violent threats after their addresses and phone numbers were published on social media and sent far and wide.

Australian mothers should be able to speak up about why they don’t want their children subjected to this kind of indoctrination without being vilified and threatened.

Remember how Cory Bernardi’s office was trashed and his staff threatened because he spoke up against the UnSafe Schools Coalition.

Remember how the ACL office was bombed and how more recently people were told to send “noxious substances” to their office using reply paid?

Of course these people follow through.

But this bullying must not be tolerated in our Australian society.

Keep talking Ladies.

You have every right.

For now.

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Julie Robinson

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Julie achieved her Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Queensland after completing her undergrad in Social Work at James Cook University. Among many other occupations of her time, Julie is a successful mother, wife, social commentator and a counselor for women and couples with an unplanned pregnancy.


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