If you’re in Victoria, this is for you.

Please don’t rely on the mainstream media. Please don’t rely on pretty stuff (how to vote cards) handed out at voting places. Please don’t rely on other people’s research, even mine. This is more important than your next fridge or car, this is your responsibility, so please take half an hour to google the candidates in your electorate and send them an email asking them if they will represent you on the deal breaker issues.

What are the most important issues that should disqualify someone from getting your vote? They’re the issues most fundamental to a Christian society, even if you’re not particularly religious yourself. World history and headlines show the more Christian a culture and its laws the more prosperous, safe, and free it is – pretty much how Western nations became preferred destinations for refugees, instead of sources of refugees.

  • Life – from conception to natural death.
    Key policies include opposing abortion and euthanasia.
  • Liberty – to live your authentic life with the least interference from government.
    Key policies include supporting freedom of speech, conscience, religion and association.
  • Family – the timeless institution of marriage, parental ultimate authority, children’s innocence.
    Key policies include opposing sexuality education, gender theory, prostitution.

Decide to be an undecided voter, and make each candidate in your electorate work to represent you by letting them know how they can. Communicate your willingness to support them if they prove to be the best. Here’s a suggested email you can send every one of them which is more effective if you put it in your own words. What if just 1,000 people emailed each candidate with an email that read something like this?

“Dear Sir / Ma’am,

I am an undecided voter and am looking for the candidate that represents me best so I can help them win this election. In addition to getting my vote, I would like to let you put your campaign sign in my front yard or on my fence, as well donate what I can to your campaign, as well as volunteer to help you for a few hours on election day or at pre-polling.

The candidate who represents me best will be able to promise to fight for the fundamental and self-evident human right to life from conception to natural death. I would be very grateful if you would represent me this way, and thank you for your willingness to serve our democracy in any case. There are other issues I feel strongly about, but this one is certainly a deal-breaker for me as a concerned voter.

Warm regards,

A voter in your district.”

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Now there are a bunch of fringe extremists in and standing for government who reject Christian values, but there are a whole lot more who would be willing to do whatever it reasonably takes to get 1000 new donors and volunteers for their campaigns, especially in districts where the voting will be close. This really isn’t very much effort required but practically and effectively loves millions of neighbours at once, and is only required every few years.

I think this is the least we can do.

But if you really can’t be bothered, the below check list outlines the positions each party has in relation to a bunch of issues of concern. This doesn’t relate to individual candidates who can and may differ from their party on critical issues, or independents who may be better than all other options. After you have emailed your candidates, please take a few minutes extra to forward their responses to me & I will try to collate and share them as well. Forward their emailed replies to vic18@ChurchAndState.com.au.


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