There’s great news for residents of Victoria tonight after Victoria Police admitted they cannot charge conservatives for holding political events in Melbourne. Neil Mitchell called me this morning to chat about the outrageous invoice of $67,842.50 for police simply doing their legislated job. The audio above is of my interview from the story on 3AW’s site.

Section 8 of the Victoria Police Act (2013) strictly prescribes its purpose. It says, “The role of Victoria Police is to serve the Victorian community and uphold the law so as to promote a safe, secure and orderly society.

It’s entirely reasonable for Victorian residents to expect to be protected from organised violence, harassment and intimidation when they want to attend a private event in a private property. That’s their job, which they’re already paid for.

So when Victoria Police initially quoted Axiomatic Events $150,000 to protect the public from domestic terrorists, we formally declined their offer. They sent an invoice anyway with a ‘generous’ discount. I replied to them with a solicitor’s letter explaining that their invoice was unjustified and Axiomatic refused to pay it. It advised that we would fight them all the way to the High Court if necessary to argue that their invoice was unenforceable as a violation of common law and constitutionally afforded rights. I went on every radio, TV and print media possible to make sure everyone knew the bill was rubbish and would be resisted.

Police Minister Lisa Neville MP was more than happy to parade around press conferences insisting Victoria Police has the right to charge event organisers for the use of police resources. Labor & VicPol even claimed to have invoiced Milo’s promoter, Damian Costas, $50k. Damian has informed me he’s never even received the much bragged about invoice.

Minister Neville clearly didn’t understand the Victoria Police (fees and charges) Regulations 2014, and illegitimately used it to effectively blame the victims of left-wing violence. I got copious amounts of legal advice from concerned lawyers, a retired judge and legal academics. I did read it and understand it, and my legal advisers have been proven correct. Now even the Victoria Police legal advice has concurred that the Victorian Government has no legal or moral right to invoice law abiding residents for the lawlessness of thugs and bullies.

Lisa Neville has been humiliated by the Victorian Police back down and the Andrews Government exposed as unwilling to protect democracy when attacks come from their side, instead appearing to enable the thugs’ veto with seemingly punitive ‘invoices’ for unconscionable amounts. Threats to invoice conservative events on private property for protection from Antifa violence and mischief can from now on be safely ignored as empty and inconsequential.

I want to sincerely thank those who rallied to help me fight against the tyranny of an authoritarian state government seeking to prevent small and large event organisers from considering Melbourne as a potential audience. The fight for freedom and justice cannot be fought let alone won by any one person. Together we have won a significant battle and should take a moment to celebrate, although the lawfare against traditional values and rights rages on.

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