Did you know that white people arrived in southern South Africa before the black people from further north migrated down that far?

The facts don’t care about your feelings.

And the facts, though inconvenient to the Leftist narratives, are startling. The world’s mainstream media is ignoring the astronomical rate of intentional homicide of South Africa’s farmers, so it’s up to us to tell their story, and support them however we can.

Not because of the colour of their skin – that’s only relevant to racists. It’s because their human rights are being grossly violated, and whenever that happens, it must be stopped lest evil triumph, again, just like it did in 1920s Russia and so many other subsequent Socialist regimes.

Here’s how history is tragically repeating in South Africa.

Part One

Maps referred to in Part One – click to enlarge
Map of South Africa
The San & the Black Peoples

Part Two

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