Campaign field hires for millionaire socialist Senator Bernie Sanders have been complaining they’re not being paid what Sanders insists every employer is morally obliged to pay as a minimum. He’s lectured Walmart of paying ‘starvation wages’ and marched with McDonald’s employees seeking higher wages.

But is a high minimum wage really a good thing? Economists have long warned that government-mandated minimum wages simply means workers’ hours are often cut as employers keep wages bills within their means.

Instead of giving his employees a pay rise to achieve the arbitrary minimum amount of $15 per hour he’s campaigning on as the champion of the working class, the socialist simply cut their hours to make sure their salary averaged the $15 per hour magical number. He didn’t pay them more. They can’t buy more food this week. They’re no better off, just employed less hours per week.

‘Democratic Socialists’ have no appreciation of the harm their policies like mandatory minimums do to the most vulnerable and powerless, and no regard for real world economics. As former British Prime Minister Thatcher once observed, “Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money.

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