Peter Pilt is a political pastor. He’s most widely known as an outspoken and controversial blogger, but wishes people could debate opinions without being insulting or easily offended. His “Morning News Wrap” is read by several thousand people six days a week.

After 15 years as the Senior Pastor of Nowra City Church in NSW he became the National Director of Global Care, the charity organisation funded by INC (International Network of Churches, formerly Christian Outreach Centre). He’s also on the National Executive for INC, their Missions Director, and part of their Christian Heritage College’s council.

Peter Pilt has a Master’s Degree in Leadership specialising in Poverty Eradication & Islam from Fuller Theological Seminary (USA), and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Wollongong Uni with a double major in Business Management and Economics. Peter sits on the corporate board of an accountancy firm, has an investment partnership, and other corporate board positions.

“We’re called to stand up and speak. Who’s pushing back on the leftist agenda and the whole doctrine of tolerance? Christians need to articulate a well thought-out opinion. #DontBeALemming”

Peter Pilt takes aim at stupid facebook posts and outrage, and compares blindly repeating stuff we heard “somewhere” to cute but clueless characters from a favourite 90s PC game.

Peter Pilt provoked plenty of outrage when he asked people to send him as much Halal certified chocolates as possible. It wasn’t deliberate (at first) – it was just that Cadbury Flakes are his favourite chocolate.

We discuss the credible and effective ways people can achieve positive change in our culture, including boycotting and petitioning companies that campaign against Judeo-Christian Australian values.

The Good Samaritan broke down walls and hatred by being a great model of kindness, one of the things that can change the world, by inserting himself practically inserting himself in the solution his “neighbour” needed.

God says He doesn’t care about #religious activity before we learn to do good; seek justice, rebuke the oppressor, defend the fatherless and plead for the widow… social issues!

Foreign Aid has been reduced “yet again” in our federal budget. Plenty of opinions abound about who, how and if we should be help our international neighbours. Peter Pilt says we have a responsibility to help those less fortunate than ourselves as the 12th largest economy in the world. We shouldn’t withhold this help from people we disagree with, and it should be given strategically, minimising potential for waste and corruption.

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