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Genuinely positive social progress has a healthy balance of steady improvements and mature regard for the traditions and history that we build upon.

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Recent Articles

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Jesus took selfies with sinners

Eternity News missed some important notes, not to mention facts. Further, there are some somewhat popular misconceptions that should be cleared up so we can have less polarised & more productive conversations.

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The Toxic Tolerance of Sweet Liz Ellis

In a nation that worships our sport and our sporting elites, Liz Ellis is a beloved Australian sporting hero. Liz played 122 netball games representing Australia, four years of which were as captain. Her personality displayed in the media is down to earth,...

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Recent Episodes & Events

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WATCH: Silence is NOT an option!

This message is so dear to my heart. It was given at the launch of ‘Christians In Politics’. Let’s all be concerned about being better informed about and involved in the future of our nation – our neighbours.

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China & Aunty on free speech

The one party, authoritarian state of communist China is effectively accusing the Australian ABC of hate speech – undoubtedly just to serve its own political agenda – but now it’s banned speech.

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The blood-soaked history of South Africa

The world’s mainstream media is ignoring the astronomical rate of intentional homicide of South Africa’s farmers. Human rights are being grossly violated, and whenever that happens, it must be stopped.

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