Last week, Dr Leah Torres, an OB/GYN who provides abortions, made global headlines with a single tweet.

Two websites that I have a lot of confidence in both reported that Dr Torres claimed to cut the vocal cords of the babies she was terminating to avoid hearing them scream. This is a sickening and depraved idea, even for abortion supporters, and even the heavily left leaning Twitter drew a sharp breath in disbelief. Even if true, it was a sociopathic thing to say.

Life Site News reported that Dr Leah Torres claimed to cut babies’ vocal cords. The Daily Wire also said, “Dr. Torres shared her secret for scream-free murders: you cut the child’s vocal cords before you complete the rest of the “procedure.”

The problem is, she didn’t say it, and it isn’t true. How do I know? Because I asked her – almost like a real journalist should. I have a problem with how the people – whose work I admire and respect – covered the story of that tweet last week, in turn catalysing a charged storm of personal hate and threats directed at Dr Torres, all based in fiction.

She wrote, “…I transect the cord…” No mention of vocal cords, at all. According to Dr Torres, she was referencing the umbilical cord. That makes more sense than vocal cords. Now don’t get me wrong – there’s plenty wrong with that tweet, aborting babies, and the abortion industry.

My point is there’s no need to make stuff up, a la #FakeNews. We’re better than that.

Earlier in the day, at the Abortion Rethink Summit in Qld’s Parliament House, I’d asked her if she would grant me a one on one interview. In the interest of promoting dialogue between pro life and pro choice people, she graciously said yes. I do admire the courage & trust it took, especially in the wake of her sudden and unwelcome global infamy, to grant an interview on camera with a pro life conservative she’d never heard of.

Dr Torres agreed on the condition that I didn’t ask her anything sensational. I agreed. I also promised to exclude anything she asked me to, but she didn’t ask me to exclude anything. It turns out I didn’t need to.

Watch the interview, share your opinion in the comments below, but please – keep it civil. Note: if you’re an angry troll with insufficient maturity to have a civil conversation without personal hate, I’m going to delete or hide your comments. Like it or lump it.

Dr Leah Torres describes herself as a physician specialising in obstetrics and gynecology with the unique honor and humble responsibility of addressing some of the most sensitive and intimate of topics in people’s lives. Her Twitter bio says she’s a “Nasty Woman OB/Gyn promoting healthy sexual practices & education. Political activist & general do-gooder.

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