Health insurance provider HCF has weighed into the sins of the Folaus. Their spokesman said, “We appreciate the complexities of the Folau matter and acknowledge that views do differ in the community, however, we do not support Maria Folau’s stance on this matter. There is no place in our society for discrimination of any kind, including on the basis of gender, religious belief, age, race or sexual orientation.”

They did not comment on discrimination against Israel Folau by Rugby Australia or GoFundMe on the basis of his religious beliefs, now being dishonestly referred to as ‘homophobia’ by people like Liz Ellis.

In a sequel to her Twitter tantrum blasting Maria Folau and questioning her presence in netball, Ellis referred to Israel Folau’s beliefs and Maria Folau’s support for her husband as ‘homophobia’.

Meanwhile, people who have expressed frustration with the militant intolerance and vilification displayed towards Christians and their beliefs have donated over $1,825,000 in well under two days.

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