Chuck Stetson on the Bible as Curriculum

This New York entrepreneur is persuading schools to teach children the Bible, a project virtually unanimously supported among university English professors as critical for understanding English literature.

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Hijacked Higher Education

Universities founded in faith and steeped in dedication to truth and academic freedom now persecute and marginalise conservatism and faith. The solution isn’t easy, but the problem has been festering for decades.

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#040 What Does “Secular” Mean?

What does the word “secular” really mean? Dr Stephen Chavura is one of Australia’s foremost thought leaders on the subjects of politics, freedom & religion, and how they are all related. He holds a Ph.D. in the history of early-modern English political thought.

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#036 Andrew Cooper, Founder of LibertyWorks

Andrew Cooper is the founder of LibertyWorks Inc., an Australian based not-for-profit organisation that advocates for a drastic reduction in government control over people’s economic and personal lives.

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#033 From Russia With Love

OR WILL WE? “The war is over. Everyone agrees not to repeat the recent horrors. Of course, we’re fickle, stupid beings with poor memories and a gift for self-destruction. Maybe this time we’ll learn…” – The Hunger Games

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#032 Martyn Iles – The Discrimination Industry

Martyn Iles is a founding director of the Human Rights Law Alliance, pushing back against angry activists determined to cause division and destroy freedom in Australia. Hear about the wins & progress against injustice.

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#030 Katy Faust – Them Before Us

Children have rights, needs, and must be given a voice. Children have a fundamental right to be known and loved by the two people who made them: their mother and father. It’s a right that’s recognised worldwide.

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#028 Graeme Haycroft – Competition for Unions

Graeme Haycroft has been called a union buster. Perhaps he’s been given that name because he’s critical of the raw deal workers get when they’re not given genuine choices: when monopolies are allowed unchallenged.

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#027 Campbell Newman

Campbell Newman was an extremely popular Lord Mayor of Australia’s largest city council, Brisbane. He became Premier of Qld in audacious circumstances & became the target of an extremely vicious & sustained smear campaign.

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#025 Cory Bernardi’s Conservative Revolution

Senator Cory Bernardi is the founder and leader of Australia’s newest and fastest growing political party, the Australian Conservatives, regarded by mainstream media and major parties as a “maverick” & “rebel”.

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#024 The Tyranny of Tolerance

Peter Kurti’s thoughtful deliberation about the meaning of tolerance and its tension with political liberty is indispensable. He critiques multiculturalism & diversity and explains religious freedom in 21st-century democracy.

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#023 Judi Taylor on Assisted Suicide

While the illegal trade in death goes unpunished and predators prosper, Australia’s suicide prevention ambitions are a sick joke. Worse, Victoria and other states are considering making assisted suicide legal…

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#019: Pastor Peter Pilt

Peter Pilt is a political pastor most widely known as an outspoken Christian blogger who wishes people could debate opinions without being insulting OR easily offended. We talk about Christian activism, halal certification, practical kindness, and foreign aid.

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