Political liberalism & religious freedom

While it appears neutral to exclude religious doctrines from discussions on public policy, political liberalism actually discriminates against views which reject its own theological conclusions.

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WATCH: Banning Therapy, Banning Liberty

Dr David van Gend’s plea to keep political agendas out of the path of such individuals, to not ban their liberty by banning safe, effective, professional therapy all for the sake of enforcing the intolerant gay orthodoxy.

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Meet Dr Christian Rowan MP

Do not miss part 2 of this 3 question interview with Dr Christian Rowan. We get down to where the rubber really hits the road on how to solve the greatest injustices of our generation.

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WATCH: Silence is NOT an option!

This message is so dear to my heart. It was given at the launch of ‘Christians In Politics’. Let’s all be concerned about being better informed about and involved in the future of our nation – our neighbours.

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China & Aunty on free speech

The one party, authoritarian state of communist China is effectively accusing the Australian ABC of hate speech – undoubtedly just to serve its own political agenda – but now it’s banned speech.

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The blood-soaked history of South Africa

The world’s mainstream media is ignoring the astronomical rate of intentional homicide of South Africa’s farmers. Human rights are being grossly violated, and whenever that happens, it must be stopped.

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Bernard Gaynor Wins A Significant High Court Battle

"Victory! The High Court has unanimously ruled today that the entire anti-discrimination system in New South Wales has been operating against Bernard Gaynor and others unconstitutionally. The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) has had no power to...

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Does Australia have a modern slavery problem?

Human Trafficking is an abhorrent form of modern slavery & slavery-like practices such as servitude, forced labour, debt bondage, organ trafficking, deceptive recruiting as well as forced marriage and childhood brides.

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Meet Avi Yemini

Avi Yemini joins Dave Pellowe to discuss his opinions on the Israeli Defence Force, women in combat, Islam, immigration, the Australian Liberty Aliance (ALA) and how he's using political platforms and Alt Media to promote his message for making Australia great again....

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Chuck Stetson on the Bible as Curriculum

This New York entrepreneur is persuading schools to teach children the Bible, a project virtually unanimously supported among university English professors as critical for understanding English literature.

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