In the famous book, movie and theatre production, My Fair Lady, professor Higgins explains to Eliza that, “your native language is the language of Shakespeare and Milton and the Bible”.

Chuck Stetson was in Brisbane recently to promote his mission to enrich education with teaching on the Bible, a project virtually unanimously supported among university English professors as critical for understanding English literature. I caught up with him at his hotel to ask him about teaching the Bible in school.

New York entrepreneur and Christian activist, Chuck Stetson, is a founder of the Bible Literacy Project promoting the purely academic inclusion of the Bible as literature in education. He insists it’s not about devotion, but a fundamental foundation to understanding our own language, history, culture and society.

Dr. Stetson is a Managing Director of PEI Funds, a private equity firm based in New York engaged in providing liquidity to investors in venture capital and buyout funds. He is a graduate of Yale University with a BA and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business with an MBA.

Dr. Stetson is a frequent speaker on education in a variety of venues including to business leaders, community leaders, the staff of Congress, The White House and leading universities. He has appeared on FOX News, CBS Sunday Morning and The TODAY Show. His work as CEO at Essentials In Education has been featured in numerous Associated Press articles, The New York Times, Los Angles Times, Newsweek and in April 2007 in a cover story in TIME Magazine.

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