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From time to time politicians we like will say and do stupid things. When they do, our job is to say so. They are not our pastors or priests, but are accountable directly to us for the job they do (as well as ultimately to God).
We should also be honest when politicians we don’t like have good policy.
It changes nothing if they are Christian or atheist. We’ve had an atheist PM who defended God’s definition of marriage (while in office), and a PM who took regular doorstop press conferences outside the church he attended who opposed God’s definition of marriage. Which one would God have voted for if He had to choose between the two?
Voting for someone in the first place just because they are Christian is just as stupid as voting for someone just because they have white skin. It’s identity politics: assuming someone can’t be right or wrong or have values divergent from some cultural tribe norm.
Being a Christian is no more a qualification for the job of politics than it is for plumbing. It’s also not an immunity from even harsh criticism, whether you’re a plumber or a politician. We must honestly assess their policies on critical justice issues like the sanctity of life, family & freedom, not their personality or confession of faith.
What every politician needs is pressure when they do bad and support when they do good. Blind loyalty in politics has incredible potential to promote bad policy.


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