Peace on Earth!

We might be a post-Christian society with an unhealthy & increasing affection for radical secularism, but every Christian holiday stubbornly defies that belief system which authoritarians wish to impose on everyone else.

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Jesus was not a refugee

Amateur theologians claim Jesus was a refugee. Let’s examine the immigration policy which that would support IF it were true. Will the bleeding hearts still rely on Jesus to support their political position?

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Victorian State Election 2018

Please don’t rely on the mainstream media, pretty stuff handed out at voting places or other people’s research. This is more important than your next car, so please take these powerful steps to get good government.

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LNP Leaders Under a Cloud

The Queensland LNP leadership of Deb Frecklington & her Deputy Tim Mander has come under a cloud in the continuing fallout over three MPs crossing the floor to vote in support of liberalising abortion in Queensland last week. Many LNP members are...

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The Abortion of our Conscience

We like to congratulate ourselves for so much knowledge and “enlightenment”, but who are we kidding? Cloaking our pagan barbarism in clinical sterility, whichever way you cut it, we are the most efficient killers in history.

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The myths of black deaths in custody

I’m horrified to see sensible people I know organising prayer vigils for “aboriginal deaths in custody”. This is alarmingly gullible behaviour from people that should be a little more immune to the usually divisive groupthink.

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A former Muslim’s reflections of 9/11

I was on that flight exactly one week prior. I vividly recall the restrained approval my “moderate” Muslim parents had for that destruction. I still wonder what their reaction would have been if I were on that flight a week later.

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The king is dead. Long live the king.

I favoured Dutton, but now admit Scott Morrison may in fact be the best outcome that was possible from this whole shemozzle. In fact, if this had’ve been designed from the beginning, it may have even been brilliant.

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Massey University breaks the law

New Zealand’s shame deepens. If Kiwis have been watching and scarcely believing where their media and country are heading – Massey University shows that the risk is present, and not just to fringe Canadians.

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The Gift of the Far Left

Are the Far Left activist thugs really so stupid that they don’t realise how much free publicity their poisonous bile and harassment actually gives the ideas they’re trying to veto? It’s a huge factor in how Trump got elected.

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Ruddock’s Religious Freedom Review

This is my submission to the Religious Freedom Review. Please take the time to read it (it’s only brief), sign it, and to write your own. It doesn’t need to be expert or long, and there’s plenty of help to write & submit it.

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Poor Old Fabrizio Brambilla

Just because it’s Facebook doesn’t mean it’s not gossip. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do when you get messages telling you to forward them to all your contacts.

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