Jesus took selfies with sinners

Eternity News missed some important notes, not to mention facts. Further, there are some somewhat popular misconceptions that should be cleared up so we can have less polarised & more productive conversations.

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The Toxic Tolerance of Sweet Liz Ellis

In a nation that worships our sport and our sporting elites, Liz Ellis is a beloved Australian sporting hero. Liz played 122 netball games representing Australia, four years of which were as captain. Her personality displayed in the media is down to earth,...

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Will Labor listen & learn?

Hopefully the Labor Party has learned that centre left is where they will do best electorally. Only time will tell if Labor will listen to the voice of the people and take responsibility for disfiguring their party.

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The war against One Nation

It’s difficult to sort the sensationalism from the substance of this story. How many people honestly weigh where the reporting on One Nation’s agenda ends and the reporters’ agenda begins?

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Should ScoMo put One Nation last?

The Labor Party of 2019 is a radically different proposition to what it was when Howard was PM. They have betrayed their roots and embraced radical socialist policies more deadly in history than any racist ideology.

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Why I celebrate Australia Day

Whether we’ve been here for centuries or weeks, being Australian is to join in a journey which has many fellow travellers with diverse stories of how they found themselves on this journey.

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The Double Standards of Liberals

If you want to hold your political opponents accountable for saying stupid things you have to use the same standard for your side and not simply look the other way because it’s convenient to your agenda.

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Peace on Earth!

We might be a post-Christian society with an unhealthy & increasing affection for radical secularism, but every Christian holiday stubbornly defies that belief system which authoritarians wish to impose on everyone else.

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Jesus was not a refugee

Amateur theologians claim Jesus was a refugee. Let’s examine the immigration policy which that would support IF it were true. Will the bleeding hearts still rely on Jesus to support their political position?

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Victorian State Election 2018

Please don’t rely on the mainstream media, pretty stuff handed out at voting places or other people’s research. This is more important than your next car, so please take these powerful steps to get good government.

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