A few weeks back I was made aware of three university students who were potentially willing to be interviewed about why they were opposed to redefining marriage. Not extraordinary in itself, although independent thinking in these institutions has become rarefied as they’ve “progressed” from teaching impressionable minds how to think, and instead indoctrinate with them with what to think.

What is extraordinary, though, is that these three young men are gay.

Even while arranging to meet them without my normal volunteer film crew, one thought better of risking his young legal career by sticking his head above the parapet to defy the new orthodoxy. It struck me how much this was like advocates of traditional marriage being persecuted in Comrade Lenin’s cultural war as enemies of the Russian Communist Revolution.

So then there were two. One of these also insisted on anonymity – name withheld, face blurred. Really, this is still very courageous as the probability of being doxed (having private, identifying information about him published maliciously) is very high.

We met in the week after the three ladies from the first Coalition for Marriage video were viciously persecuted for their role in the campaign. Dr Pansy Lai had a petition facilitated by GetUp! attract thousands of signatures to deregister her from medicine for her unapproved opinions. She also received threats warning her to hire security for when they turned up at her practice. Her receptionists received vile phone calls abusing and threatening physical harm. [source]

Heidi McIvor also appeared in the ad and was blamed for another ad in her local newspaper. One Facebook commenter suggested burning her church, while others made horrible remarks about her children’s DNA. The third lady in the ad’, Cella White, was accused of fabricating her experience with the “Safe” Schools program. [source]

Now I’m very concerned that Australians have as much information as possible about this decision, but I’m also concerned that these blokes knew what they were up for if they agreed to “go public” with their own concerns about redefining marriage. They bravely acknowledged the potential and proceeded to agree for their interviews to be broadcast.

Not only that, but Wilson wanted to share his views on campus, and why shouldn’t he? Why should conservatives and Christians be bullied into silence by the fear and intimidation tactics employed by the left? As you can see by this Facebook post, the socialist leftists are triggered by conservatives exercising their right to freedom of political expression. They intolerantly try to shout him down with mockery and derision, even though he had a microphone.

The abovevideos are the expanded, edited versions of my conversation with them. You may have already seen some highlight packages which have been used by the “Our Voice. Our Vote.” group, giving a voice to the LGBTIQ+ community who refuse to conform to the identity politics demanded of them.

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