USA Political Correspondent, Kelly McDonald Jr., joins me in the studio to discuss and explain what President Donald Trump has achieved, made progress on, and failed to start from his campaign promises to Make America Great Again. We go deeper into exactly what impeachment is, what it means for Trump, and what could happen if the Democrats successfully get him. Kelly explains how to survive University with your intellect intact, and the common strategies employed by the left to achieve their social agenda.

WATCH the full interview with Kelly McDonald Jr. and Dave Pellowe below.

The drive by media is down playing the progress President Trump has made. It’s not all good, but the good is obscured by the insignificant – like the President getting “two scoops of ice cream”. Who cares? What’s he already done for his country that he said he would?

Kelly & Dave discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Keystone Pipeline project, the Mexico City policy, the Supreme Court, and Islamic immigration.

How much has President Trump done already which he said he would? Where is he failing or frustrated? Kelly & Dave continue discussing campaign promises kept and broken: the border wall & illegal immigration, unemployment, regulations, conservative Supreme Court Justice nomination, tax reform, repeal & replace Obamacare, and moving the American embassy to Jerusalem.

Kelly McDonald also shares some fascinating commentary and opinion on the Democrat’s obsession with impeaching Donald Trump, their case and the consequences if successful. (Either way, they lose.)

“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.” – C. S. Lewis

Intellectual reefs and perils await young people in University with an academic culture that generally believes conservative or Christian worldviews are backward and stone aged.

However, if properly prepared, higher education can be a positive experience overall. Kelly McDonald Jr shares some key insights and tips on how to not graduate “a more clever devil.”

There can be a lot of hyperventilating hysteria in politics which makes wrong things look right and silly things look serious. Kelly & Dave discuss common tactics used like selective amnesia, shifting sands, redefining language, and elevating emotions over evidence.

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