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Genuinely positive social progress has a healthy balance of steady improvements and mature regard for the traditions and history that we build upon.

The Church And State Summit 2018 will unite hundreds of believers from all denominations, occupations, ages and walks of life. It will help you grow in understanding the Voice of the Church to society, and will provide you the basic training necessary so you can confidently represent Christ in important conversations about public issues. For more information or to


Recent Episodes & Articles

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Abortion Choice is a Human Rights Disaster

Every human life is precious and worth fighting for at every stage. It’s time we actually believed the Declaration of Human Rights, and acted like “Everyone has the right to life,” and not just when it is convenient.

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#036 Andrew Cooper, Founder of LibertyWorks

Andrew Cooper is the founder of LibertyWorks Inc., an Australian based not-for-profit organisation that advocates for a drastic reduction in government control over people’s economic and personal lives.

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What Is Wrong With America

When we look at guns in America, what is wrong? What is the problem? Can the problem be fixed with legislation? Or is the root cause deeper in American culture?

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