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Genuinely positive social progress has a healthy balance of steady improvements and mature regard for the traditions and history that we build upon.

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#033 From Russia With Love

OR WILL WE? “The war is over. Everyone agrees not to repeat the recent horrors. Of course, we’re fickle, stupid beings with poor memories and a gift for self-destruction. Maybe this time we’ll learn…” – The Hunger Games

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#032 Martyn Iles – The Discrimination Industry

Martyn Iles is a founding director of the Human Rights Law Alliance, pushing back against angry activists determined to cause division and destroy freedom in Australia. Hear about the wins & progress against injustice.

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20 Pieces of ‘Progressive’ Propaganda

There are a few myths that keep being asserted as ‘fact’ so often that it’s worth the time to prepare their rebuttal here. Which ones do you keep seeing recycled over and over again, and how do you answer them?

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Is the ‘slippery slope’ fact or fallacy?

Dickson says it is “just a slippery slope argument”. The assumption is that slippery slope arguments are fallacies per se. They are not. The question is: How plausible is the slippery slope scenario?

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Women Told To Be Quiet In ‘Equality’ Debate

Everything these women say is absolutely true. Australian mothers should be able to speak up about why they don’t want their children subjected to this kind of indoctrination without being vilified and threatened.

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