Don’t Vote For A Christian!

In this week’s episode we closely examine a classic example of when voting for a Christian can be the worst choice for Christian values. Kevin Rudd contested his last, failed election fighting against the definition of marriage Jesus offered, verballing St. Paul and ridiculing a pastor for taking a fundamental view of Scripture.

Yet his predecessor, a public atheist, supported the traditional definition of marriage whilst in political power of the nation.

Clearly a claim to faith is irrelevant without a clear intention to vote for traditional Christian values when it comes to deciding legislation.

Why Should We Vote For You?

This week’s guest Matt Prater tells how he inadvertently helped get Kevin Rudd elected in 2007 and unelected in 2013 when he was invited to ask the then Prime Minister about his changing positions on marriage ABC’s “Q&A”.

Difficulties Discussing Homosexuality

It can be really challenging to speak our mind about important public issues like homosexuality because all the good intentions aren’t appreciated when someone chooses to be offended.

Stand Up For Truth

Standing up for Truth is what each of us are born for. Loving our neighbour requires active involvement in formation and debate of public policy, which involves speaking Truth to people and power.

Truth In Media & The Pulpit

Many pastors are looking for help in communicating Truth on the hottest public issues to their people, because so many aren’t reading the Bible for themselves and subsequently forming their doctrines and worldview with a foundation given to them by mainstream media.

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